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Vicky Goslin Video Productions - Questions and AnswersVicky Goslin Video Productions - Questions and Answers
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Vicky Goslin Video Productions - Questions and Answers

Planning a wedding although exciting, can be very daunting. Here are some frequently asked questions:
I’m not sure if we want our day filming, we are using a photographer so can’t see why a DVD is necessary. What should we do?
When newly married couples were asked what they would change about their wedding, a most common answer was: “We regret not getting it filmed professionally”. Every wedding has a photographer but a lot of couples don’t give much thought to hiring a videographer. This really is a mistake. Memories WILL fade and a photograph, although a lovely record, can’t speak and can’t move. A professional recording of your day will enable you to relive all your special moments - to not only see your day unfolding on the screen, but also to hear the vows spoken, the moving speeches and the laughter and greetings from family and friends.

We have a limited budget, can we afford to have our wedding filmed?
Most couples pay venue fees, hire transport, engage florists, décor companies, musicians and caterers and then find they have used up most of their budget before thinking of photos and video. Beware! The car goes back to the garage, the flowers are thrown away the next day, the décor and lighting is packed away and the food and music are just pleasant memories. A video will keep these memories alive. If your budget is really very limited, then why not include "Wedding DVD" on your wedding list and ask friends to contribute.

My friend has a video camera. She’s offered to film our wedding, what should I tell her?
Tell her that she is a guest. Leave the job of filming to the professional videographer. Guests often run out of batteries, forget tapes at home, forget to press the “record” button at critical parts of the day and may possibly also delivery a slightly out of focus, wobbly version of your day. You deserve better!

I don’t like cameras in my face. I’ll tolerate a photographer but don’t think I want a video as well. Why should I have a videographer if I’m hiring a professional photographer?
Just about all of us love a good movie. I know I do. Still photography is essential, but to be able to watch your very own "movie" after the wedding is wonderful! The photographer and videographer will often be shooting in different places – for example, during the photo shoot with your photographer a second videographer will be recording your guests at the pre-drink location, capturing the sights and sounds for you to view afterwards.

I’ve heard a few horror stories about bad work, unprofessional behaviour. Who can I trust?
This happens in all industries. It’s difficult for couples from overseas who are booking their service providers on the internet and are not able to visit a studio to view work. Contactable references are essential and a bonus would be any form of merit award in the industry. Ask your videographer to provide references, ask if they are “accredited” by any recognized video association and do try and view recent weddings. If you are overseas, perhaps ask a trusted relative or friend to do this for you.

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